We are awkward will you tell us what to do? 

Yes and No, I will guide you into natural poses and then sit back and watch the magic happen. Each family is different and some need more guidance than others. What I can promise you is a relaxed and easy going session. 

I don't know what to wear!

That’s ok let me help you. I won't tell you what to wear but I can guide you in the right direction. Its all about coordinating rather than matching. Together we can discuss colours and styles that will compliment yourselves and my photography style. I have a vision board that I send to my clients as guidance. 

Where will my session take place?   

I offer both outdoor locations and the use of my natural light studio. I have a handful of favourite spots around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Together we can discuss locations that resonate with you.

Can I include my furry friend?  

Yes many of my preferred locations are pet friendly. 

Do you offer prints? 

Yes absolutely and you can also upgrade to include wooden display boxes and USBs. Contact me for more information on product pricing

Why should we choose you?

You should choose me because you love my style. You shouldn't choose me based on my price or availability or just to get the job done. I want to connect with passionate people who love what I do. I have a certain style and I stick to it because its what I am good at. If you are looking for dark and moody, posed to perfection or rainbow sunsets in the background I am not the right photographer for you and that's ok because there's a photographer out there for everyone.  

Will you use my photos on your blog/social pages? 

Yes I love featuring my shoots on the blog. It's so beautiful to see it all come together.